Stay Sweet™

About Lolli

Hello Candy Lovers!

My name is Lolli and I was created by two sweet friends, Heather and Lauren. Heather, originally from Cleveland, Ohio helps children every day at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles as a clinical pediatric psychologist. Lauren, originally from Los Angeles, advises emerging and growing companies who will change the future for the better.

I hope that these colorful and playful gifts will make you or someone you care about feel very special! The element of surprise is half the battle. Send a delicious candy charcuterie board to a family member or friend to make their day a little sweeter and more colorful.

While each candy board is truly one-of-a-kind, I encourage you to have fun and make your candy board your own. Write a unique candy message (yep that's right, a gummy candy message!) or customize the tray itself to create a special keepsake.

A portion of proceeds from each sale will be donated to organizations that support children's mental health. This focus is extremely important to both Heather and Lauren who believe that helping children and guiding them in the right direction will create a better and sweeter world for the future.

Stay sweet.